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Home ProductsMIL-C-5015
Home ProductsMIL-C-5015
MIL-C-5015 I Connector
    How To Order
    MS   3100   A   20 – 27   P   W
    ①        ②    ③   ④    ⑤   ⑥  ⑦

    ①MS—Series Prefix
    ②Type: 3100-wall mounting receptacle
        3101-Cable connecting receptacle
        3102-Box mounting receptacle
        3106-Straight plug
        3108-Elbow plug
    ③Service class:A- Solid shell for general,
        non-environmental applications
        B-Split Shell
        C–Solid shell for pressurized applications
        E–Environmental resisting
        F–Environmental resisting with clamp
        R–Solder contacts with grommet seal and without clamp
    ④Shell size :08-10-12-14-16-18-20-22-24
    ⑤Insert arrangement: Please see the details
    ⑥Contact :P-pin contact ,S-socket contact
    ⑦Key: N- normal key;W、X、Y、Z- alternative key

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